Are there considerable alterations in the quality of your semen?

You should be aware of the fact that age, and genetic abnormalities can alter the sperm count and sperm motility. Furthermore, the incidence of genetic disorders can increase by up to 13%, with regard to the general population.

The incidence of constitutional chromosome abnormalities is inversely proportional to the sperm count, which means to say that the lower the sperm count the greater the risk of having chromosome abnormalities and the incidence of such can vary from 2% in normal cases to 13% in azoospermia. Consequently there is an increase in fertility problems and miscarriages.

We recommend having the following studies done:

  • Semen analysis and sperm motility test
  • Karyotyping
  • Fish analysis in human sperm cells
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation study
  • Karyotyping to examine chromosomes or the array CGH technique
  • Y chromosome microdeletion
  • Mutations of the CFTR gene
  • And, if necessary, testicular biopsy
Having studied your case you will get genetic and clinical counselling and the appropriate measures will be taken to treat the problem.

Your treatment could include: ICSI, medical antibiotic treatment, antioxidant treatment, Time-lapse embryo imaging, PDG Array CGH testing, which means to say, we focus on your specific case to tackle the problem and significantly improve the quality of your semen so that you can have a healthy baby.