Are you older than 40 and would like to get pregnant safely?

Women aged over 35 have an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriages in pregnancy.

How we can help…

  • If you conceive spontaneously, you should get in touch with us for genetic counselling on the matter in order to carry out:
    High definition ultrasound imaging
    Genetic counselling for the maternal blood test at week 10 or 11 to detect Down Syndrome with 99% accuracy ….
    If an amniocentesis is recommended, a high tech Array CGH screening test will be carried out, which can detect more than 700 genetic disorders for your peace of mind.
  • If you have problems conceiving or you or your partner have some type of medical condition that makes this difficult, we will carry out an IVF or ICSI with PDG and we will select the healthy embryos for the transfer.
  • If you are older than 42 and you cannot conceive, we will recommend an oocyte donation or embryo adoption, according to what you need. Embryo selection by Embryoscope (time-lapse)

Your individual case will be assessed by a team of experts in Genetics and Assisted Reproduction and we will then advise you on the best, safest and affordable option.