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Global Fertility Concept, SL, editor and owner of this website, by this formal declaration aims to inform visitors of what is our policy to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data that users freely and voluntarily.

In the course of serving its customers, Global Fertility Concept, SL acquires, stores and transmits information and communications that customers may regard as private or confidential. Some of this information such as customer name, address, telephone number and credit card number, is given to Global Fertility Concept, SL for customers to order their services. Other information such as the status of the customer, selected product categories and name or user ID is created and maintained by Global Concept Fertility, SL in the normal course of business. Additionally, Global Fertility Concept, S.L. You can save the email client if deemed necessary the use for communication incident in the order.

1. Data security

Global Concept Fertility, S.L. will protect the confidentiality of customer information, account information and personal communications to the fullest extent of protection under the law and the interests of Global Fertility Concept, SL, its suppliers, employees and other customers of services Global Fertility Concept, SL. To protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information that is collected from customers, Global Fertility Concept, SL It has appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures.

2. Election of Reception and Modifications

Customers can choose to avoid receiving news of new products or modifications to existing products Global Fertility Concept, SL or its affiliates sending a request to: In this request, customers must identify: service purchased from Global Fertility Concept, SL, the domain name, contact name and the date the service product was purchased. However, customers can not help but be informed when this is essential for the maintenance of accounts or computer system established between them and Fertility Global Concept, SL. Customers can access to modify their information by contacting the billing department Global Fertility Concept, SL.

3. Disclosure of customer information

Global Concept Fertility, S.L. it may not divulge customer’s personal information or your account unless Fertility Global Concept, SL deems necessary to disclose this information to identify, contact or bring legal action against anyone who was interfering with the rights of Global Fertility Concept, SL, customers Global Fertility Concept, SL or otherwise, or unless the law or any legal authority require this disclosure. Global Concept Fertility, S.L. may not, except for reasons stated above, to third parties the contents of any electronic mail or other electronic communication Global Fertility Concept, SL stores or transmits it to its customers. The circumstances under which Global Fertility Concept, SL may disclose such information are when:

-Be Necessary to provide the service.

-Be Necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Global Fertility Concept, SL or its clients

-Be Required to cooperate in any legal process.

-Be Necessary to provide legal authority when the contents violate the regulations.

The aim of our privacy policy is to respect fully the legislation on protection of personal data. If you have any questions about confidentiality or the processing of their data and whether to exercise any of the rights of information, opposition, rectification and cancellation legally possess (or any other right that you believe can assist ) you can contact to this LEGAL NOTICE:

Global Fertility Concept, S.L.

Teniente Álvarez Soto 5, 4º – C

03001 Alicante

4. Type of data collected.

In accordance with the foregoing by the Organic Law of Protection of Data (Law 15/99) personal information, your personal data will be included in our automated file. The collection and processing of personal data has as its main purpose:

1. Collect basic data billing if some service or data needed in the event of free promotions are hired.

On the web they offer various online services in addition to sue the data necessary to provide the required service and prepare the invoice, bank or credit card required data is requested in order to make the collection of the same. These data are processed through a secure server with SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). However, any transfer of data via Internet is at risk (however slight) of being intercepted. Global Concept Fertility, S.L. It does not guarantee that this can not happen, so the risk of sending such data is assumed by the person who sends us the data. This information is received by Global Concept Fertility, SL and it is never sold, transferred or leased to other companies.

2. Get the basic information needed to answer the questions we are asked.

In the consultation forms that are in the web information that helps us to answer queries or questions we collected. This information is received by Global Concept Fertility, SL and it is never sold, transferred or leased to other companies.

3. Perform search engine rankings

In the so-called search engine optimization service, you must consider that when it hits a high, these seekers apply for some of the data you. Sends us (eg. Name, address, telephone, e-mail … never financial data) . Global Concept Fertility, S.L. It does not control or respond using these search engines do the same.

4. Transfer of data to other companies

Global Concept Fertility, S.L. not sell, rent or transfer the personal data of users of this website. However, they mentioned the following exceptions:

– In the so-called search engine optimization service, they requested some of the data you send us (eg name, address, telephone, e-mail … never financial data.). Global Concept Fertility, S.L. It does not control or respond using these search engines do the same.

– Global Concept Fertility, S.L. reserves the right to subcontract to other companies providing hosting services, or any other that in the future could be distributed by Global Fertility Concept, SL. In this case, Global Fertility Concept, SL will force the contractor to sign a confidentiality of personal data to ensure the confidentiality of this information.

5. Use of «cookies»

The website of Global Concept Fertility, S.L. using cookies in some pages. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service offered to our clients and visitors. More information in our Cookies Policy.

6. Reception of advertising e-mails

Occasionally, Global Concept Fertility, S.L. send an e-mail notifying the improvements or new developments on this website or in any other web company. Anytime you can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to

In some forms of the web, you are asked permission to send the newsletter and news of our company via e-mail. The newsletter is regularly sent to subscribers, and contains news, articles of interest, recommendations, advice, news and similar content.

7. Minors

This web site is not specifically targeted at minors. In any case, we encourage minors to consult with their parents or legal guardians before completing any form on this website.

8. Publication of data

The contracting of any of the services offered by Global Concept Fertility, SL authorize the company to publish your name in our customer list and briefly explain the contracted service and results.

Hiring the services that are exposed on the web means by contracting the full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions set out in the Legal Notice acceptance.