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For patients based in the UK, Ema will be your first line of communication. She is British born, schooled and UK based. Having worked in London for over 16 years, she will answer queries via email or telephone and help guide you towards the next steps and making an appointment, at UR Vistahermosa, Alicante (Spain). Then, you will have a UK and a Spanish support to make easier every step of your treatment.

«Working in the fertility environment has helped me to develop an insightful understanding of both the journey for the patient and the minefield of medical information needed to help people achieve a dream.»

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Contact Ema on:

  • Telephone: 07470 168722 whatsapp-messenger-2110086

  • Email: ema@pregen.co.uk
  • Skype: pregenuk

Contact Spain on:

clinica vistahermosa
  • Telephone: 0034 672 272 961  whatsapp-messenger-2110086

  • Email: spain@pregen.co.uk
  • Skype:urvistahermosa
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