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Medical genetic analysis service in Alicante Hospital that can detect the abnormality that stops a patient from getting pregnant in order to provide them with the most suitable treatment and successfully have a baby…

Women aged over 35 have an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriages in pregnancy. How we can help…
If you have had more than one miscarriage there are tests to help understand why…
Numerous factors affect embryo implantation and in 90% of patient cases we are able to come up with the right solution
You should be aware of the fact that age, and genetic abnormalities can alter the sperm count and sperm motility. Furthermore, the incidence of genetic disorders can increase by up to 13%, with regard to the general population.
The majority of genetic disorders are rare. Hereditary genetic disorders can affect different members of the family and can be passed down to your offspring. If you have a family history of a genetic disorder, or either you or your partner are carriers of some kind of genetic mutation, we can help you have healthy children
We all carry genetic alterations in the DNA, which is the molecule that contains the instructions that the cells and our body need to work properly. We inherit half of our DNA from each of our parents and our children will have half our genetic material.

Medical genetic analysis service that can detect the abnormality that stops a patient from getting pregnant in order to provide them with the most suitable treatment and successfully have a baby…

  • The most advanced process and technology used for each treatment

  • The latest techniques and a higher success rate

  • Leading centres in Assisted Reproduction

  • Leading Hospital in Alicante (Spain)

  • Hospital environment

  • Assisted Reproduction Unit and Genetics Unit

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • Quality processes and results

  • Ideal location for your treatment

  • Personalised process that focuses on your specific case

  • Medical staff at the forefront of fertility treatment

  • Multidisciplinary team with the best specialists in each area

  • Personal follow-up and communication about your case

  • International patients

  • Office in the UK

How successful we are

More than 13.000 pregnancies
More than 35.000 genetic analyses
More than 20.000 patients

Our success stories

«I had the most outstanding experience at PreGen.»

Overall the service was great excellent. Good first contact. Staff were friendly, helpful and competent with outstanding professional skills. Communication was great with very prompt responses to any questions. Location, hospital facilities and prices reflect their and very good reputation in Spain. I was very happy to use the clinic. – Krista

Staff were excellent throughout the process at explaining every step. The International Department are very service minded and focussed. Really easy to get in touch with, extremely pleasant and they take time to make sure everything is ok. We have felt safe and secure along the whole way. Very good personal touch with transfer and hotels too. Have no hesitation in recommending this Clinic.
Tamara, London
Good reported success rates and recommendations from people who have been here before. Excellent reputation on the internet. Felt comfortable immediately from the first phone call with International Department and during the whole process. All the staff gave a high degree of confidence in quality of procedures. Centre specialised with international patients and well known reputation. Nice location with easy airport transfer. First class!
Nichola, Manchester
From the first contact, until the end, it has been positive all the way. International team was very assertive and helpful. They did not mind answering all the questions. It was very well organised and everybody was really positive. Thank you for the kindness and support. Would recommended the clinic to all my colleagues.
Sarah, Oxford